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Free Tax Prep Services:

The DABC will prepare and e-file current and prior year
Federal and State income tax returns for FREE.
Services are limited to families making less than $70,000 and Single filers making less than $55,000.
Priority will be given to Colorado residents.

IRS Resources

If you need W-2 transcripts go to IRS transcripts do not show state withholding, so contact the Colorado Department of Revenue at (303) 238-7378 to request state W-2s so that we can also file your state taxes.

Accepted Tax Forms:
Please see below the forms we can prepare. Tax returns for years 2017 and older must be mailed in.

Self-Employed Taxpayers: 
We require you to complete our Self-Employment Tax Organizer before receiving services. We CANNOT HELP individuals with business expenses over $25,000, Depreciation, Home Office Depreciation, or a Net Loss. 

Other VITA Tax Service Locations:
Find other tax service locations by searching all VITA Sites or call 2-1-1.

Can’t visit a VITA Site? 
You can still file your federal & state tax return online for free!

The partnership provides free state and federal filing for individuals with household income less than $73,000. It’s easy, safe, and secure. Since 2009, MyFreeTaxes has helped more than 1.3 million taxpayers claim every credit and deduction they deserve. These credits maximize filers’ refunds and provide important opportunities for individuals and families to build financial stability.

Form/Schedule types prepared at DABC Tax Prep Sites

The DABC Tax Preparation Sites will limit return preparation to the following forms and schedules for current and prior-year tax returns:

  • Form 1040 Federal Long Form
  • Form 1040X – Amended Returns (only in March or after April 15th)
  • Schedule A – Itemized Deductions
  • Schedule B – Interest and Dividends
  • Schedule C-EZ – Business Expenses $25,000 or less
  • Schedule D – Very Limited Capital Gains and Losses
  • Schedule EIC – Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Schedule R – Credit for the Elderly
  • Schedule SE – Self Employment Tax
  • Form 2441 – Child Care Credit
  • Form 8332 – Release Claim to Exemption
  • Form 8822 – IRS Change of Address
  • Form 8812 – Child Tax Credit
  • Form 8863 – Education Credits
  • Form 8880 – Retirement Credit
  • Form 8962 – Premium Tax Credit
  • Form 8965 – Health Coverage Exemptions
  • Form W-4 – Withholding Allowance
  • Form 104 – State of Colorado Tax Return
  • Form 104 PTC – State of Colorado Property Tax/Rent Rebate
  • Form 104X – State of Colorado Amended Return (only in March or after April 15th)