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On this page you can access up-to-date files, tools, and guides as they become available. DABC Staff is always happy to host resources. Let us know if you find something useful!

Volunteer Outreach

2019 IRS VITA Alerts

  • 2019-01: Publication 6744 Advanced Scenario 8 correction
  • 2019-02: Qualified Business Income Deduction problem in TaxSlayer
  • 2019-03: AOTC for Puerto Rico residents

2019 General Training Information

Site Procedure Guides

Link & Learn Training

2018 IRS VITA Alerts

  • 2018-01: Publication 6744 printed without page 92
  • 2018-02: Congress hasn't yet passed TY2017 Extenders (see 2018-05)
  • 2018-03: A new scam uses fraudulent direct deposits to target taxpayers
  • 2018-04: Congress has now passed some TY2017 Extenders
  • 2018-05: The IRS is now ready to file 2017 tax returns with Extenders

2017 IRS VITA Alerts

2016 Program Changes

2016 IRS VITA Alerts

2015 Program Changes

2015 IRS VITA Alerts

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If you have additional questions about becoming a DABC volunteer, send your question(s) via email. Please include your name, a daytime phone number and the volunteer role(s) you are considering. We will contact you within 48 hours. You may also call our volunteer coordinator at 303-388-7030.



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